About Us

Light of Africa inc. is 501(3)(c) tax exempt not-for-profit organization founded on the premise / belief that women in Togo and Africa are marginalized and need emancipation / empowerment through educational opportunities and access to healthcare. At Light of Africa we believe that education girls and young women lays a strong and firm foundation for communities in Togo and Africa at large. The goal is to use education as a catalyst for empowerment of the most vulnerable girls and young women so they can create sustainable future for themselves, for their communities, and for Africa.

The reality for girls and women in Togo and Africa in general is that education is not a priority and for many girls and young women going to school is merely a dream. Too often, sex trafficking, child marriage and forced prostitution become the tragic alternatives to education. The picture is that a woman is poor, as is her family, and other women in her community. She has five kids, for example, but also works in the fields throughout the day. At home, she’s also responsible for feeding her family. She cooks on an indoor charcoal stove, so her exhaustion, mixed with the fumes, are slowly killing her. Yet, she never feels like a victim due to cultural and traditional practices; she has a great idea for a business that will benefit families like hers. Lack of education creates all this difficulty situation for women in Togo and in Africa in general.

 Therefore, it is critical for us to understand the importance of education for girls and women as an essential step along the path to economic empowerment, gender equality and a catalyst for change in the lives of women, their families, communities and Africa.

Light Of Africa,Inc.is a 501(c)(3) charity. Donations are tax deductible. Tax ID#: 83- 4423891

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