Hello, my name is Fabrice Somborn. I am currently living in Silver Spring, MD with my beautiful wife of 11 years and our 3 children, all boys!

I moved to the United States from Togo in December 2006 to try and make a better life for myself. Most of my family still lives in Togo, including my parents and some siblings.

I started Light of Africa because of my own personal experiences living in Togo, I see a need for change in the way the women of Togo and in Africa in general are treated and taken care of, especially during pregnancy. Because women are the centerpiece of our communities and should be given access to medical care and opportunities. I want to educate and provide chances and access for these women to be able to thrive and raise healthier and stronger children for the future of the country. Education will not stop with the women of these communities, but also the men, who also play a vital role in the upbringing of our youth.  I want to start with first giving proper medical access and education about pregnancy health to the women in the community. Change the next generation through giving support and care to our women in Togo, and soon after other surrounding countries.

I feel blessed to be living in the united states and having been given a great deal of opportunities in my life, without being here I would probably not be able to do and dream about creating this nonprofit organization to bring the opportunities in Africa. I want to be able to give back to where I came from. Make sure that the next generation has a better life and they don’t need to escape their country to make a better life for themselves.

Africa have so much potential but not enough opportunities and my dream is to be able to bring any opportunity to help there.