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Trade School

In collaboration with our partners we are planning on  building a trade school. The land has already been purchased (25ha / 62ac), we are hoping to  raise funds to buy shipping containers, which will be used to construct the school building. This school will provide education and employment opportunities to communities in Togo.

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The site is being prepared for construction of the trade school. This is where the foundation of the school will be built. Click here to donate and help us build the trade school. 



The school will be constructed out of shipping containers. These are affordable, and can be designed to use green energy. One shipping container costs only $2,000. Click here to make a donation and support our cause. 

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Chicken Coop

We want to start with the construction of a chicken coop as a part of the trade school programs, women will be trained in agricultural production such as poultry, fishing, and meat production. 


Future Students

Pictured here are some of the future trade school students. These women are looking forward to learning about agricultural production, and will be the first students working with us in poultry production. 

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