Working towards a brighter future for women, young girls and the next generation

Light of Africa inc. is a nonprofit organization founded on the  belief that women are marginalized and need access to proper healthcare and educational opportunities. 

A strong, resilient health system is the key to achieving sustainable improvements in any country.

Therefore, it is critical for us to try to provide a strong and resilient healthcare system and educate people to  understand the importance of educating girls and women as an essential step toward  economic empowerment and gender equality, as this will act as a catalyst for change in the lives of women, their families and communities.

Our activities will include:


- women's health and social well-being,

- women's education and schooling,

- women's entrepreneurship,

- women's professional integration,

- combating forced marriage, combating violence against women in households, female genital mutilation,

- illegal migration of young girls,

- women's leadership,

- women's rights and duties ...


" Poverty is NOT NATURAL, it is manmade and it can be overcome and ERADICATED by the actions of HUMAN BEINGS "

Nelson Mandela

At LIGHT OF AFRICA we know that strong relationships and stable finances provide a foundation for the well-being of individuals and their families, communities and most importantly, the next generation.

The goal of LIGHT OF AFRICA is to promote healthy family relationships, personal well-being, effective parenting, and employment and financial stability in our Communities, Cities, Countries and Continent.

The LIGHT OF AFRICA program aims to provide a safe place for couples that want to improve their communication and problem solving skills, and the skills to be able to handle their finances successfully to reduce their stress. Services would also be offered to their families and assistance with employment. We believe that by working together, parents can build long-lasting changes in their families and communities.

We all have the potential to impact a person, a cause, a community.

Do your part...

Light Of Africa, INC.

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Every single cent counts, and your generosity matters. Through your donation, we are a huge step closer to distribute donated medical supplies and equipment to help in medically under resourced communities in Togo and save an entire community. As we are able to deepen Light of Africe Inc. impact, lives are changed.


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Light Of Africa, a 501(c)(3) charity. Donations are tax deductible. Tax ID#: 83-4423891